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Survival Documents, Manuals & How To's


  1. Canning

  2. Survival - Evasion - Recovery

  3. US Army Survival Manual

  4. Urban Combat

  5. First Aid

  6. Refining gold from electronics (not for the average person dangerous chemicals involved)

  7. Nato Emergency War Surgery

  8. Raised Bed Garden

  9. Ranger Manual

  10. Rain Water 1

  11. Rain Water 2 (Filter)

  12. Emergency Dentistry


Alcohol Stove / Heater

Contributed by

Here's one I've used for 40 years.. Need heat? Light? Way to cook? Rubbing alcohol. Take a coffee can or Soup can depending on your needs. This can be whatever size you want. Take a roll of tiolet paper & put it in the can. Fill the cardboard core with paper too. Stuff it in tight. Poor alcohol into can. Filling until it no longer goes down. Light with match. To extinguish smoother open end with a lid-book-gloved hand etc. The fire goes out immediately. Store until needed again. I use these for deer hunting on bitter cold days--Emergency home heating when power goes out--I've added a metel coat hanger cut into pieces to make a grill type top for cooking. You get about 3 hrs burn from a pint of alcohol--No smoke--no harmful fumes. 50% alcohol will work but 70% & 90% are much better. Also I prefer clear not evergreen alcohol. It's the smell thing. The TP acts as a wick only

Rick's note You can buy denatured alcohol in the paint department of Lowes or Home Depot by the gallon and maybe even by the 5 gallon can.


Wood Gasification

Fema's report and plans for a wood gasification generator

Pictures of my stuff (Click to make larger)

Obama Garden

Obama Garden

Obama Garden 2

Here we are about 4 or 5 weeks after planting. Lettuce Spinach and radishes are all doing fine and very tasty.

1st Zuchinni

This is the first Zuchini of the year, laying on our picnic table

1st Zuchinni 2

To give a better idea of size my lovely wife is holding it.

1st Cucumbers

Our first cucumbers

Obama Garden 3

This is how much of a jungle our Obama Garden has become

So named because without him I wouldn't have had to convert 25% of my driveway to growing food to survive.


Small Pot Belly Stove



I found this small pot belly stove in the basement. My dad and his brother used to cast things out of iron and aluminum as a hobby. This is one of those items. The first picture is assembled not bolted together and the second is completed.  Click here to see it work.
What about light?  The electricity may be off. 
You can make this simple oil lamp from a jar,
a wick ( I used some strands from a cotton mop)
and used vegetable oil.


Food Storage

Shelf 1


Shelf 2

Canned goods, dry goods, pasta, and canning jars


Filled with beans and rice

Shelf 4

More canned goods, propane gas to the right and kitty litter

More totes

Air bed & blankets

Shelf 6

Water and cat food

Shelf 7

Juice, cook stove, First Aid, candles, oil lamps, batteries, etc

Glass jug

5 gallon bottle to ferment alcohol :-)


Canning Recipes

From the Ball Blue Book.  We did not peel the peaches but we did everything else the same.



Again, from the Ball Blue Book.  We did not peel the peaches and we cut them into wedges.  Be sure to use "raw" honey.  It gives a much better flavor than processed honey.  You can get it from your local farmer's market.