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On October 2, 2000, Pro Second Amendment people from all over Pennsylvania held a rally to counter the MMM's in Allentown. Now you too can see the .........


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This article posted for educational purposes only.

Victim Kills Alleged Robbers

by KYW's Al Novack
Two suspected robbers are dead after an overnight shootout in Fernrock.

Detectives say three gun-toting robbers broke into a home in the 5800 block
of Camac Street just after 10 p.m. Wednesday. Two carpenters were renovating
the home.

While the suspected robbers were tying up the carpenters, one of the
carpenters grabbed a gun from his captor and began firing, killing two men.
The third suspected bandit returned fire, hitting one of the carpenters in
the leg, then fled.

The wounded carpenter is in stable condition. There's no word on whether any
charges will be filed.

This article posted for educational purposes only